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Cambridge Smart Solutions provide solutions and products for a connected world. Using a mix of wired and  RF technologies which are standards based flexible and scalable, we enable smarter communcations, driving the "Internet of Things" or what is gaining pace the "Internet of Everything".

We design, develop and manufacture products both hardware and software orientated onshore giving us greater control over quality and product enhancements.

Our backend services analyse information and enable smart decisions to be made either through full automation or where human intervention is required provide accurate reliable information to empower staff to make informed decisions.

With estimates of 50 Billion connected devices by 2020, key to the success of connecting the world is the underlying technology. While many technologies will offer themselves up as the chosen one, it is clear that not one technology is best suited for a fully connected world. In the local environment Bluetooth Low Energy is likely to be the communications technology of dominance for a variety of reasons.

Bluetooth Low Energy also known as Bluetooth Smart or BLE is standards based and differs from classic bluetooth significantly. It is ideally suited for sensor networks and  low throughput applications, with coincell batteries and energy harvesting powering these devices they can be  deployed and almost forgotten.

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